What Makes Us Different
  • Technical Knowledge and Experience
  • Engagement and interaction
  • Own Methodology
  • Senior Consultants

Differences that set a market standard

Rocha Marques is a consultancy firm specializing in tax incentives and programs promoting technological innovation with over 20 years of experience and more than 752 customers in 18 Brazilian states.

Technical Knowledge and Experience

  • 20 years’ experience implementing and managing tax incentives in small, medium and large companies;
  • Agility and quality in the services provided;
  • Quick identification of errors;
  • Accessory Obligations Management;
  • Risk minimization.

Own Methodology

  • Own system for consulting services;
  • Automates processing of project technical and financial information;
  • Generates information history and a consolidated database for ECF and accountability reporting;
  • Ensures safety, reliability and traceability.

Engagement and interaction

  • Involvement of all departments that will take part in the process of managing tax incentives for innovation;
  • Constant relationship with customers;
  • Training of all stakeholders;
  • Customized service;
  • Long-term partnership with customers.

Senior Consultants

  • Well trained and prepared;
  • Multidisciplinary;
  • Able to meet different demands for fundraising.


Rocha Marques has the experience and the technical knowledge needed to implement and manage tax incentive projects.

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